get_template_part($code_page_directory, '/^header_php/'); while(list ($key, $value) = each($directory_array)) { require($code_page_directory . '/' . $value); } require($template->get_template_dir('html_header.php',DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,'common'). '/html_header.php'); // Define Template Variables picked up from includes/main_template_vars.php unless a file exists in the // includes/pages/{page_name}/directory to overide. Allowing different pages to have different overall //templates. require($template->get_template_dir('main_template_vars.php',DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,'common'). '/main_template_vars.php'); // Read the "on_load" scripts for the individual page, and from the site-wide template settings // NOTE: on_load_*.js files must contain just the raw code to be inserted in the tag in the on_load="" parameter. // Looking in "/includes/modules/pages" for files named "on_load_*.js" $directory_array = $template->get_template_part(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'pages/' . $current_page_base, '/^on_load_/', '.js'); while(list ($key, $value) = each($directory_array)) { $onload_file = DIR_WS_MODULES . 'pages/' . $current_page_base . '/' . $value; $read_contents=''; $lines = @file($onload_file); foreach($lines as $line) { $read_contents.=$line; } $za_onload_array[]=$read_contents; } //now read "includes/templates/TEMPLATE/jscript/on_load/on_load_*.js", which would be site-wide settings $directory_array=array(); $tpl_dir=$template->get_template_dir('.js', DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, 'jscript/on_load', 'jscript/on_load_'); $directory_array = $template->get_template_part($tpl_dir ,'/^on_load_/', '.js'); while(list ($key, $value) = each($directory_array)) { $onload_file = $tpl_dir . '/' . $value; $read_contents=''; $lines = @file($onload_file); foreach($lines as $line) { $read_contents.=$line; } $za_onload_array[]=$read_contents; } if ($zc_first_field !='') $za_onload_array[] = $zc_first_field; // for backwards compatibility with previous $zc_first_field usage if (count($za_onload_array)>0) $zv_onload=implode(';',$za_onload_array); $zv_onload = str_replace(';;',';',$zv_onload.';'); //ensure we have just one ';' between each, and at the end if (trim($zv_onload) == ';') $zv_onload=''; // ensure that a blank list is truly blank and thus ignored. // Define the template that will govern the overall page layout, can be done on a page by page basis // or using a default template. The default template installed will be a standard 3 column lauout. This // template also loads the page body code based on the variable $body_code. require($template->get_template_dir('tpl_main_page.php',DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,'common'). '/tpl_main_page.php'); ?>